Top 6 Water Filter Options for Home Use

The purity of water is significant when we consider it for drinking else it can lead to many deadly diseases claiming our lives. The reviews of water filter jugs are written with the prime aim of highlighting water filters that can be used for filtering drinking water and making them germ free which is fir for drinking.This article is also a helpful extract on the top 6 water filter options that can be installed into the water line under your sink and it provides filtered water for a healthy and smooth living. WSE is also looking into the performance of these mentioned water filters. It also highlights the information of many water filters and purifiers and thus spread awareness among people regarding safe drinking water.

Soma Water filters

Soma Water filters is an attractive and aesthetic water filter that serves the purpose of maintaining a adorned house interior and also provide good performance in water filtration.  It uses a mixture of coconut shells and silk and helps in the quick reduction of chlorine, odor refinement and bad taste.

PUR Faucet Water filter

PUT is a simple yet attractive carbon activated water filter which is certified by NSF and helps in the reduction about 61 contaminants, chlorine, bad taste and odor. It cost about 35$ for 1 filter and 75$ every year for 6 filters.

Brita Water pitcher

Brita water pitcher is an excellent water filter that uses activated carbon for basic filtration and purification purpose. It also uses ion resin exchange resin to reduce chlorine. It also removes other water contaminants like mercury, cadmium and copper and filter 96% of pharmaceuticals. It is certified by NSF.

Binchotan charcoal

Binchotan charcoal water purifier is an affordable and natural water filter which absorbs the wide variety of toxins from tap water and removes copper, mercury, chlorine etc and also adds calcium, potassium, magnesium for a healthy living. It costs about 18$ for 4 sticks.

Ovopur Dispenser

Ovopur Dispenser is a complex and serious water filter that functions effectively for removal of water contaminants. It has a ceramic egg shaped dispenser that cools down the water and helps in the filtration or removal of bacteria and other severe water contaminants. The lower chamber of the filter can hold up to 11 liters of water and the glass cartridge has 4 levels which can remove 99% of chlorine, lead, nickel and other toxic metals mixed in drinking water. The activated carbon helps in neutralize the taste and odour of water to remove years and pollutants. It also helps in softening of water and revitalizes it. The Quartz crystal helps in removal of other lingering impurities.

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